The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything

Ilana Rogel

A Call for Scientists!

A breaking-through course for scientists and multidisciplinary researchers. This course is also suitable for theoretical, creative and motivated scientists who are interested in the subject matter of what lies beyond temporal and spatial dimensions. 
Participation requires a general knowledge of Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine, but the essential prerequisite is the will and consent to explore reality as multilayered through the dominant right hemisphere. The course is addressed to those with intuitive understanding and an open mind, even when faced with the shattering of commonly-accepted scientific conventions. 

Coursework will explore as far as group conscious will enable us, with a focus on the following topics:

The lectures will shed light on consciousness and conscious particles that are not limited by the speed of light, and the uncovering of conscious fibers/webs in order to understand and establish the Theory of Everything. 

We will examine the essence of energetic gravity-radiation particles, which we define as “breakthrough” from a singular point. Here we will find the initial point, which originates in the stratum that reflects gravity-radiation particles, the particles that encode attraction and rejection frequencies: gravity, antigravity, sub-gravity and anti-sub-gravity particles.

The course will also explore and discuss the energetic field that bears these particles prior to the solidification of matter. This is the phase that operates to connect and create bridges in the stratum, the same phase that enables interaction and integration of gravity-radiation particles and electromagnetic particles, and also the field that bears these particles: the ‘electro-weak’ field. 

At the same time, we will deal in quantic weaving of different stratums in the hologramic and solidified cosmoses, the composition of dark matter, dark energy and ether. 

The course discusses amino acids within the framework of 61 codons and additional 3 stop codons; the 120 elements of the periodic table, which 118 of solidify into matter in different state of matters, the double gravitational lensing that enables the solidification of matter (visible and invisible) in different density levels, and finally we shall consider the ability to heal brain diseases by interaction between gravity and electromagnetic frequencies.

Note: This course functions as an initial platform for the foundation of a research group within the PIH-FOUNDATION framework. The group shall seek to lead the way in the field of brain diseases (initially we shall focus on Parkinson’s Disease) by using breakthrough procedures, an option which seeks to be achieved here and now. 
We will also get to know one another – all of us who seek to contribute to a conscious and mindful development that leads to the depths of the horizon.


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