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אילנה רוגל

Ilana Rogel

Ilana Rogel, naturopath, expert in nutrition, author of Five encyclopedic books:

- On green and grey matter. 2007

- On perfect random order. 2011

- On signs & Letters. 2013

- The Brain Universal and Existential journey across time. 2016

- The Theory of Everything (an ongoing research) 2020

Ilana Rogel is the founder of Migdalor center, established in November 2011, where she teaches the Emotional Metaphysics course - a course about the structure of the spirit in the human body.

Ilana Rogel is also the creator of the Multi-Layered Coaching method. Multi-Layered Coaching is based on “thought types” encoded in sounds, primal energies, planets, sphaeras, and letters - and the impact of all these elements on the physical and emotional body. Going through the coaching process is a fascinating journey combining memories from our current lives and our soul’s memories.

Ilana Rogel creates a bridge between particles of awareness and consciousness to physical matter, enabling one to see in four dimensions.

Clarification for the term “Cosmic Science”: The ability to see reality in four dimensions, e.g. the reflection of particles to the left and right of a “virtual” vertical axis, to inspect and draw the reflections while referencing physical particles such as amino acids and chemical elements. This is a state of being that exists, as a potential, in every human mind - a dream state that maintains a full clarity of mind.

Image illustrating four dimensional brain - vision

Ilana Rogel - Image illustrating four dimensional vision

In contemporary western society, it is all too easy for a person to become detached from the spiritual dimension of human existence. The prevalent beliefs and paradigms allow people to lead a seemingly-complete life virtually without any spiritual aspect and with no recognition of the spiritual dimension of the human condition.

However, is it truly that simple? What happens when the disconnect we create with our human spiritual dimension grows ever larger, ever more extreme to a point of a true contradiction between the way we lead our lives to our spiritual desires and urges? Is it possible that this affects what is perhaps our dearest, most critical physical aspect of our existence – our health?

Ilana Rogel has devoted her life to researching and providing answers to this very question, and especially – to providing practical ways for every human being, no matter his cultural background, religious orientation or spiritual beliefs, to improve not only his health – but his aspects of existence as well.

It all began when Ilana had graduated from her initial studies and started to practice nutrition. Already in these initial phases of her career, Ilana has  noticed that people's spiritual and emotional choices seem to have clear effects on their health. Thanks to deep intuition and exceptional connection with her patients, Ilana noticed that people who have created a disconnect from their own spiritual dimension, from their own deep spiritual longings; people who sometimes detached themselves from difficult situations they had experienced and have not dealt with in full – have experienced similar disconnects in their physical health. These disconnects manifested in completely measurable ways: Diseases, chronic medical conditions and other ongoing medical problems.

As Ilana gathered more and more data, this data seemed to indicate the possibility of a deep, clear and coherent connection between the mind, the soul and the body – a connection expressing itself in a very direct way in people's medical condition. But – is that really possible? This is an idea very different from the concepts on which western medical science is based; an idea which would be very hard to prove… At the time, most practicing doctors didn't even recognize nutrition's effect on health – let alone effects of any spiritual aspect on physical health.

Even so, given the enormous amount of evidence she saw in her day-to-day work – and knowing that there could be a connection here which would be hard to prove within the confines of the classical scientific system – Ilana has decided to delve deeper into the subject and research it thoroughly, even if this would require a departure from the classical western medical tradition in which Ilana has started her professional education. Ilana has decided that she must further research the deep connection between people's physical health and their emotional and spiritual health, thereby allowing them to make choices that would do better with themselves and their spiritual, emotional and physical health.

תמונת אווירה יקום

Ilana then started a wonderful journey of research and practice, during which the energetic meanings of various foods, nutrients and medical conditions were discovered – along with coherent explanations of how spiritual and emotional choices we make have a deep & lasting effect on our health. How do we manifest predicaments of learning and personal evolution for ourselves, via diseases? How do the foods and qualities that exist in nature complete the spiritual qualities which reside within ourselves, allowing  us to make choices of maximal personal fulfillment, spiritual development and personal growth? As it turned out, the spiritual dimension of life has a way of showing itself when we become detached from it – via physiological symptoms, medical conditions and diseases.

During her research, Ilana discovered that this spirit – body connection is not at all theoretical or subtle. Unfortunately, it seemed that the health effects of spiritual and emotional conditions can be extremely harsh: Chronic diseases, incurable illnesses and medical conditions to which a defined explanation or solution does not yet exist in western medical practice. The understanding of the conditions and the diseases we create for ourselves was difficult to digest for anyone who grew within the realms of western medical tradition. Indeed, the idea that we have complete control over our health, that we practically create our own diseases, can be hard to accept – burdening us with a responsibility which is almost impossible to bear. Yet, Ilana understood that she had the privilege and duty to fully research this subject and expose information which would allow the continued evolution of medical science – and would, further down the line, allow to alleviate the dichotomy between western and eastern medical traditions.

During this journey, Ilana had the privilege of helping countless people; people who were cured from harsh diseases and conditions where western medicine had no solution to offer. This is due to an evolving deep understanding of the body-spirit connection and the groundbreaking treatment methodology this understanding enables (we have enclosed a few testimonials of this to Ilana's application). Doctors who initiaily doubted the possibility of the mere existence of a spiritual dimension to life, let alone an effect of any such dimension on physical health, have become – thanks to the sheer amount of real-world evidence and so-called “medical miracles” – to the biggest proponents and “believers” of Ilana's teachings: Believers that even if we cannot yet fully understand the depth of the spiritual dimension of human life, we can already, thanks to the knowledge brought to the world by Ilana, help people become free from diseases where western medicine previously had no solution to offer – and do so in a clear, methodical and reproducible way.

Ilana has brought to light a significant body of knowledge which includes the spiritual connotations and effects of each and every food type and disease. This knowledge is being used daily by doctors, patients and therapists in a variety of methods, and Ilana is working diligently to expand this body of knowledge and make it accessible to ever-wider audiences. This knowledge enables anyone to understand the spiritual and emotional implications of a variety of physical elements and health conditions, and further – understand that there is in fact a spiritual dimension to life and that we can experience it directly, via our physical bodies.

Nowadays, Ilana's ongoing life work is to bring the spiritual dimension of human life to people's awareness and illustrate how this dimension is inextricably woven into the fabric of human existence – physically, emotionally and spiritually. As part of this mission, Ilana is writing books that make this knowledge accessible to any human being. The first book, “Green & Grey Matters”, was published in English, Portuguese and Hebrew. The second book, “On Perfect Random Order”, was published in Hebrew and translations of it are underway. Additionally, Ilana is already hard at work on the third book, to be published in September/October 2012. Ilana is teaching courses and seminars as a means to pass this knowledge to ever-wider circles of doctors and therapists of all schools. Ilana is also continuing to treat patients directly, creating deep changes in people's lives. Such changes, of people getting healed from severe medical conditions thanks to spiritual awareness and emotional changes, are the biggest impetus for awareness and change in the medical establishment.

By directly treating patients, passing the knowledge on to new generations of doctors and therapists, and writing books that make this knowledge accessible to any human being, Ilana is fostering a global movement of awareness of the deep connection between spirit and body – a movement that radically changes how doctors and patients perceive their own health. Thanks to Ilana, many leading scientists and doctors have acknowledge the importance of the spiritual dimension in the healing process – even if this importance cannot yet be explained with the conventional means they have relied on in their work for years. Countless patients have been referred to Ilana's treatment by senior doctors who understood that sometimes a true healing process demands more than mere physiological involvement – sometimes, indeed usually, it requires involvement in the more delicate layers of human existence.

The false dichotomy between alternative and conventional medicine, between the holistic and system-centric points of view, is rendered meaningless by the new perspectives introduced by Ilana. In her view, there is no contradiction between the scientific and the holistic approaches – and she proves this continuously via her work, opening the possibility of a future where the common medical establishment can enable better life for any human being, in all aspects of human existence; life in which there's a balance between body and mind, matter and spirit, psychology and faith, love and quality-of-life.

Ilana's first book, “Green & Grey Matters”, teaches readers how their health is under their control and how the amount of choice we as humans have over our health is great – perhaps greater than we'd like to admit. This choice exists since the spiritual dimension, with which we're having a constant dialog via our mind & emotions, practically creates our physical health (or lack thereof). In the book, Ilana details the deep context & implications of virtually all of the common foods and diseases in the western world, thereby painting a crystal clear picture of the spirit's effect on the physical body. The book illustrates the ways in which our soul, mind and emotions continuously shape our physical bodies, so a person promotes or prevents his personal evolution with his own hands. By explaining this in both clear terms, the book serves as a practical guide to a balanced approach towards the illnesses and diseases that are common in the western world, and towards the food we consume.

This is not another book about well-being or dietary advice – on the contrary, as in Ilana's approach there is no fixed prescription or a formula that would match every human being. Each of us has his own unique personality, his own unique needs and his own unique experiences gathered over a lifetime of existence –  and understanding this intricate personal structure is the key to matching the right nutrition for an individual. Thanks to the detailed description of a diverse set of foods, nutrients and conditions, the book enables each human being to carefully choose what is appropriate for him, per his own unique condition. Thanks to this, reading “Green & Grey Matters” leads to a process of personal discovery and getting in touch with the spiritual dimension of human existence. This is the first time humans are offered the possibility of understanding the connection between foods, spirit, emotions and diseases. This is the first time where a clear & practical explanation is offered to the connection between the development of diseases, our emotional balance and the foods we consume.

The book is in practical, daily use by a huge range of patients, doctors and therapists, who all attest how the book enabled them to find ways of self-healing while understanding the condition which caused the appearance of disease in the first place. Indeed, a significant disease is not a coincidental phenomenon caused by “bad luck” – it is a direct product of choices we make as individuals; we can prevent disease and even stop it as it is evolving.

Ilana's second book, “On Perfect Random Order”, was published in September 2011. This book brings to light concepts and philosophical-spiritual information which is meant to enable scientists to conduct groundbreaking research that would gradually expose the thin threads between physics and spirit. This book is part of an immense undertaking; the challenge of bringing about information which is not yet fully comprehensible or complete, meant to stimulate and encourage the scientific establishment to break boundaries and accelerate the development of the human species via deeper discoveries of our true nature. Such discoveries could help us understand and harness the connection between spirit and what we today know as physics – eliminating false dichotomies which have persisted for literally hundreds of years.

The book has generated great interest and many researchers are using it as a compass hinting of research directions where there is potential for significant scientific discoveries – discoveries that would better humanity at large.

Ilana's aspiration is to continue her mission of writing and teaching and have her range of publications translated to all primary languages so the groundbreaking information is accessible to any human being. Making this information accessible in such manner would enable a practical revolution in the prevalent concepts about the very nature of diseases and human health.


The Brain Universal and Existential journey
across time from void to space

By Ilana Rogel

 Published in February 2016.

Illana, about the study procedure:

The earthly/cosmic study in this encyclopedia seeks shading some light on the essence of the earthly matter originated from the psyche.

This is the first cosmos in which the collective divinity chose to utilize earth as an experiment introducing free emotional choice. Therefore, the wisdom halls of the cosmic library list nothing about the aspects that link the psychic divine content with the physiological meaning and the psychic aspects related with humans. Creating an interaction between cosmic knowledge of intelligent cultural beings in a mental body and the physical body required a consciousness that embodies itself both in a feeling/sensing/experiencing body, as well as in a psychic body with a scientific, inquiring consciousness. The option of portraying this role in a conscious manner I've listed in the psyche contract for this life pulse. In the three first volumes of the encyclopedia, the earthly/cosmic common creation relied mostly on the contents listed in the cosmic library, except for the part about the immunity system "Lipids and interactions" and some of the biological information. The information about the aforesaid was needed to be searched for by my study partner "Osher" among scientists in the cosmos, who would be willing to shed some light on obscure contents.

Ilana Rogel 11/11/2015

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