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Emotional Nutrition Diagnosis

Emotional Nutrition Diagnosis – Ilana Rogel

Every food in the world has an energetic frequency/emotional DNA of its own.
Every person in the world has a birth date and a personal name in which the energetic/emotional frequencies are coded and represent the soul contract and the emotional/personality structure of the person. These are the “tools” that the soul has gathered for its life journey in matter. One of Ilana Rogel’s unique abilities is to envision the hologram of the soul contract and so to connect, link and bridge over emotional and physical aspects. 
During the diagnosis meeting, Ilana sees and tailors each person’s nutrition   according to his or her emotional/personality structure, and therefore to benefit his or her physical condition. This can be compared to matching “the right fuel to the right car” (emotional fuel). 
The diagnosis takes about two hours, in a one-time meeting. 

In fact, the guidance regarding the source of the illness/problem and the nutritional direction is between the conscious and the sub-conscious of the person himself/herself, bridged over through Ilana. The person is the one that holds up a mirror (reflection) to himself/herself and can sometimes, all at once, understand the relationship that he or she has with himself/herself. The mirror is so accurate that it makes it possible for the person to change direction and move from illness toward recovery. 


Nutrition is essential to a return to balance, but it is not the essence of it.

In order to recover, to heal, a perceptual behavioral change is necessary.

It is about consciousness-awareness development.

Important: When a person leaves the clinic, after a while, Ilana can no longer reconstruct the “image” that came up during the meeting. Therefore, it is recommended to record the meeting.

If there are no available blood screenings from the past year, it is recommended to bring the following test results to the meeting:

  • Blood count and chemistry

  • Liver and kidney functions

  • A1C glucose

  • Electrolytes in the blood

  • Differential blood count

  • TSH

  • B12

  • Folic acid

  • Vitamin D

Technical details:

Technical details:

  1. Address for Waze: 3 Hatomer St., Savyon

  2. Cost of the diagnosis: NIS 1900 (up to 3 installments)

  3. Please arrive with your parents’ birth dates

  4. Please record the meeting on your cell phone set to plane mode, or using a recording device

  5. Please arrive with blood tests and relevant medical documents such as a check-up report

  6. Please confirm the meeting one week prior to the appointment date by calling 054-764-649 or by email at

  7. Appointments cancelled 24 hours in advance and no-shows will be charged in full.

  8. Please try not to be late in order to have sufficient time in the meeting.

  9. It is recommended to visit the Migdalor website to learn more about Ilana Rogel and view different video clips, in order to ensure suitability to the content and its delivery method.


Those arriving by bus line 56 from opposite the Azrieli train station toward Savyon: get off at the second station on HaShikma St., cross the road, and turn left into HaNof St., then continue on until the second right turn into HaHoresh St. (by the shopping center), then go straight ahead and take the second street on the right – HaTomer St. Ilana Rogel is at 3 HaTomer St., second house on the left (about 5-10 minutes’ walk).

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