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Ilana Rogel Declaration (English)


05/29/2019 Ilana Rogel has patented a method for treating degenerative diseases of the brain with the help of innovative peptides. The idea is based on Ilana Rogel discovery dated by 2015, which is briefly explained below.

According to Ilana, there is one starting point for all pathologies associated with neurodegenerative diseases of the brain, namely: the distortion or mismatch between the third nucleotide in mRNA, which stands before the exact anti-codon in terminal A of tRNA, but does not fully match the and the exact amino acid at 3' end (which stand out outside the ribosome).

When the amino acid does not quite match the anti-codon in tRNA, the distortion begins to affect the properties of the protein. Furthermore at the end of translation, the protein undergoes a modification, such as glycosylation, which also affects the tertiary structure of the protein, in which some amino acids correspond exactly to the mRNA and some do not.

It is generally accepted in science that each of the 20 amino acids can be encoded in tRNA in a number of configurations (from 2 to 4 variants, see the Table below)..

According to Ilana Rogel, there are 61 codons encoding amino acids and 3 final codons in the main genome. This means that each codon is encoded into different amino acids, some of which, even if they are identical by chemical formula, have a difference in energy level, frequency and resonance in matter.

 According to the studies of Ilana Rogel, the third letter of the codon is the one that determines time/space and, accordingly, sound resonance, spin rotation, temperature, energy of interaction with other elements, besides being defined in an electromagnetic matter array that resonates by gravitational frequencies and emitting particles which are emitting and emitted.

In fact, each material is based on pulsatile particles, with 4 letters (codons) of DNA, reflecting different time zones: present, present continuous, past and future (options of realization).

These aspects characterize the crystalline and tertiary structure, protein folding, visible and hidden which can lead to illness or recovery/health.

As a result of Ilana intensive research during many years today there is fairly detailed study, summarized in the form of tables, illustrations and explanations of a new look at the processes that open up new horizons and interconnections between the chemical, physical and biological levels.

Briefly, according to Ilana, if distortion occurs during translation of mRNA into protein, this is further fixed by the post modification glycosylation process, which creates a link between the protein produced in plasma and the intracellular structures.

There are countless fascinating details about particles of spirit (energy) in a substance and particles of a substance interacting with spirit (energy).

A detailed study of more than 500 pages, about the 4-dimensional structure of amino acids, tables and detailed explanations, in the hope that someone will consciously agree to explore the interaction between the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes, which manifests as a result of deformation. This sheds light on the processes that cause amazement and respect for the creation of nature.

At this stage of writing Provisional, Ilana want to encourage people willing to lead and participate in research on the discovery of the third nucleotide, which has a different effect on amino acids in four different configurations, U, C, A, G, as part of an innovative experiment.

It is necessary to find an exact experiment that can prove the discovery.

Ilana calls everyone who agrees with the intuitive knowledge that Creation did not create 61 amino acid coding and 3 terminations that encode only 20 amino acids.

With thank

Ilana Rogel

Scientific support: Orna Gribova PhD,

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