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The Emotional Quarks which compose Atoms - By Ilana Rogel

In every atom of the soul there are 6 pairs of quarks. When we talk about the emotional structure (human being) they are also expressed separately, in their different proportions. 3 pairs appear in existential frequencies via horizontal tactile, from soul to matter: Being/Doing - Extrovert/Introvert - Challenge/Domestic. Pairs appear through a vertical tactile which is responsible for movement, from matter to soul. Up/Down is the only pair that solidifies in matter/to matter. The pairs Strange/Charming - Bottom/Tall, appear in matter frequencies with constant movement, which hasn’t solidified.

The order of the quarks from matter to soul:

  1. Up/Down

  2. Strange/Charming

  3. Bottom/Tall

  4. Domestic/Challenge

  5. Introvert/Extrovert

  6. Doing/Being

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