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Ilana Rogel 25/10/2018, Opening words for course 29

I would like to begin by saying that from the beginning the soul content is hidden to human-beings,

but in this day and age the soul content is supposed to lead awareness and consciousness – or it cannot

be that in Earth Time 2018 matter still defines Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry; without the spirit,

without awareness and consciousness, without the acknowledgement of humanity in awareness and

consciousness particles, for these cannot be observed by a microscope. Because when every

microscope examines content, it examines it in retrospect. Humanity is dealing with history; it is

dealing with retrospect.

Research is very important. Through research into matter, we have learned about ourselves. We have

learned about the cells in every material aspect. But we did not present, or do not present, neither in

medicine nor science in general, the energetic quantum fields prior to solidification.

That means everything we are dealing with has to do with history, and it is about time that we wake

up. Because all of us are in an energetic aspect, in fields in which an option was not yet chosen.

What is a quantum field? A quantum field means that I have an option to turn right, left, up or down,

before I choose where to position my own perspective. Once I’ve positioned my perspective, once I’ve

made a choice that this neuron goes right, left, up or down, once a decision has been made – this is a

historical content.

Therefore, all research being conducted today, including research into the human brain – Where did

the neuron go? What did the neuron do? - the content that seeks to examine every centimeter through

the brain of a mouse or a pollock - this is not the human brain, and here we begin to understand that

the essence of the human being = divinity + blood, that matter is evolutionary, that spirit is not


The soul is not evolutionary, unless you are talking about an infinite number of cosmoses, about

eternal soul reflected in a unified divinity, in a unified field, and then of course there is no evolution. It

is impossible to create a cosmos slowly, through evolution.

(Matter is evolutionary, but the spirit/soul develops toward all sides, in a non-linear way. We are

constructed of two parts – soul and matter).

Because if I had to wait a few light-years in order to meet my particles, I wouldn’t be able to –

promote research, promote new and developing content, for I would have to wait some more light-

years until I could reply myself in different dimensions.

Therefore, first of all, we would like to remind you to remember all that the soul knows from the very


Every cosmos begins in a plane field; you can call it unified, symmetrical, for it is impossible to

construct matter unless it is a neutral matter, because subjective matter cannot create another matter.

Creation, as an idea, must begin with objectivity, even sterility, in order for the content of matter (a

human being) will not be able to define “this is it”, “that is it”, “the single truth”, “the fixed”,

otherwise each matter will mimic the fixed matter, and there will not be any development.

Therefore, we all begin in one field, one weave. It is possible to discuss a vibration that moves as one,

in a unified motion. In terms of an Earthly counting, it can tally up to billions of years.

This content is not being counted; it cannot be counted because I discuss the non-time. The not-in-

time. The no-space, prior to space, prior to the moment from which the clock started to count the

Earthly linear time. This is to say that our origin is non-linear, and it cannot be defined in the space of

matter, and it is absolutely not limited.

And therefore, the unified field vibrates in the frequency of divinity, and I mean divinity as a creative

unit, not divinity in the religious meaning. Religions were created on Earth (a few thousand years


In essence, our soul content does not relate to religion. It can relate to a philosophical idea, but most

certainly it does not define a judging, criticizing divinity that wants this, wants that, punishment,

reward, heaven and hell. All this is in our awareness.

And therefore, when a divinity that we are all part of seeks to create a new cosmos, it must first create

the breaking of symmetry through the use of reduction. This is because the breaking of symmetry

enables it to begin defining a concept, to sketch the draft of the forming cosmos.

And so all of us are in one net, seeking to set out on a journey, first and foremost in a collective idea of

this cosmos. The concept of this cosmos is registered as “unconditional love”.

This is not the love that I unconditionally give to another, but the knowing of a clear self. And a clear

self, how much I can love who I am – is inside me. Without the need of being given love to, without

dependency on another content (person) that gives me, that tells me, that promises me love. This is the


Each cosmos has a title. All those (the souls) solidified on Earth, ancient and senior souls, with

experiences in infinite cosmoses, when in this cosmos the divinity that we are all part of seeks to

experience as... we can say, a challenging meaning.

Since this is about unconditional love, the idea to create a material Earth came up, for if we are talking

about unconditional love it is worthy to try, worthy to experiment in a content that begins with a

minimal memory, what is love?

And therefore, it is possible to discuss an echo that embraces the entirety of souls reflected in this

moment from the emotional figure of the divinity. Because when divinity seeks to go on a journey, it

must reflect operational arms, the entirety of souls. This is because divinity cannot decide either this or

that; it cannot define a certain subjective.

In order to go on a fulfilling journey, it must define, reflect from within itself, sparks. Each spark can

go on its independent journey, make decisions, take responsibility, since through the operational arms

of the divinity – all of us - the divinity can learn about itself. That is, it learns by observing its own

reflections on an individual past.

And so, a herald presents itself, so to say, which is entitled in the cosmos “the Voice of Good Will”.

The concept of Earth, on the side arm of the Milky Way galaxy - this arm must be set afar from virtual

singularity. This is because the closer a content comes to singularity, the more it is in the levels of a

broad memory; it develops a broad memory. And if a soul is close to singularity, in principle, it will

know what will become if it turns right, left, up or down, and therefore there will be no learning; there

will be no development.

Therefore, a place was set to establish the earthly planets, the earthly sun first and then the Earth and

finally the moon that enables seasons, water storage - water is the bearer of memory, water is the

bearer of emotions.

Most souls in the cosmos “politely refused” the call of creating an Earth, of binding an earth, since it

seems a hallucinatory idea. They showed all of us a kind of a hologram - how it is to come to a place

in which I forget the place of my birth, the source of my origin, the source of my spouting – and we

have agreed. This is the beginning.

Everyone who is here on Earth, agreed to it. Agreed means that something in this hologram,

something fascinated him. He believed to who he, himself, is. This while understanding that if the

channels of memory will be closed, a small spark can ignite an internal soul essence that will break

through beyond the Platonic Cave.

Everyone, in his own way, will deliver himself to the light and the freedom. This is the basic meaning

of human beings on Earth that cannot further define themselves as victims, because there are no

victimized souls.

For the very essence of choice means: I can; I am challenged; I have an original creative content. This

is because Earth is the biggest playground in the cosmos, all of the cosmic energies, all of the shades,

all of the sounds – there are many dimensions that define a certain brown (color), more of a certain

energy and also coded in certain sounds.

In order to begin with a choice, we have to have everything. There is no other earth that is wider in

terms of variety, in terms of life and vegetation, etc. There are no more insects, sea creatures, flying

creatures, vegetation, vegetables, fruits, legumes, like there are on Earth.

Therefore, everyone should look into his self-mirror and ask himself why he agreed to it. For if he

agreed, it means he can.

This is why Earth, through degenerative disease, through the victims, through the letting go, recreates

and recycles journeys that are impossible to continue since the basis of the cosmos is development,

and it is impossible for an earth that finalized all the – bad, ugly, short, beautiful – it is impossible to

continue on these frequencies, since an earth that has exhausted itself ends its own journey.

As for us, we lead the earth and on us the very continuation of its pulsation is dependent, the

continuation of its charging. This, with every charging and with every pulsation of a soul spark

embodied in a physical custom.

© All rights reserved to Ilana Rogel – Migdalor Center.

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